==> caff: welcome visitors and explain this site.

CC: hello and welcome to the small place ive carved for myself in the vast expanse of the interweb!!

CC: this is mostly going to be a personal site where i can ramble about inane shit and talk about my interests. it will update as i continue to learn html (and when i have time). but yeah. prepare for major geekazoid territory ahead and this site is best viewed on pc!!

CC: stay for a while if youd like, i hope you enjoy your stay!! :]

10/13/22 - been working (very slowly) on music and the related pages

9/30/22 - minor progress on music

9/23/22 - finished my about page!! gonna start on music

9/20/22 - mostly finished my about page :]

9/19/22 - centered and fixed the home page, starting to work on my about page!!

9/18/22 - blog rambles finished and functional!!

9/17/22 - blog home finished!! starting to work on rambles (and re-working the code because it was barely functional hkjsdhf)

9/16/22 - blog home page updated, main interface almost finished

9/15/22 - starting to work on blog

9/14/22 - upd8 log and plans created and updated, home page finished!! (for the most part)

9/7/22 - sidebar, title, and intro added

4/5/22 - site created!!

about - gonna take inspo from myspace93 i think

music - homestuck music, mcr, modern baseball(?)

shrines - homestuck, mcr, and be more chill >:3